New Art West Midlands

24 February - 13th May, 2018

New Art West Midlands: The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum,
Jordan Well,

New Art West Midlands is an exhibition that features the work of recent graduates from Universities in the region. It is displayed across three galleries’: The Herbert Art Gallery & MuseumAirspace in Stoke-On-Trent, and Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery.

The exhibition is mixed media, including painting, photography, drawing and digital work. There is selected work from 28 artists that explore contemporary themes, for example glitches, gender inequality and timelessness.

Reticulation engages with the process of making replicas. It involves a method of ‘consecutive drawing’ that takes samples from the previous drawing to inform the next. The resultant linear series of images reads from right to left. On close inspection, there are faults and mistakes in Hampson’s attempts at replication; moreover, the drawings provide a record of human error. As well as the smudges and marks made by her hands, there are accidents with the pen. There are also ‘faults’ in the drawings’ sequencing. One of them is evidently not directly copied from its predecessor, thus altering the pattern. (An ‘error’ detectable in the lines that distort the work’s symmetry).


Compressed (2017) is made from repeating lines that gradually form a geometric pattern. The lines are precisely drawn but nonetheless ‘imperfect’. Hampson knowingly adopts methods to correct her human fallibility. Using a ruler for example, which will inevitably result in failure. Through the drawings’ overt connection of mark making with the hand, Hampson’s intention is to reinforce a sense of human production and identity, and subtly to question what we understand by ‘perfection’.

New Art West Midlands, Compression, 2017

There is a mathematical, computerised feel to Untitled (2017). Through Hampson’s use of precise lines created by drawing through carbon paper. The drawing becomes an action, resulting in a print. Hampson is interested in the effects that can result from carbon paper’s multiple use as a medium of duplication. In Untitled the intersecting lines that cross the overall directional line evidence instances of the paper’s previous use.

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